TPN Compliance

With the Sony hack several years ago, the Motion Picture Association developed the Trusted Partner Network in an attempt to plug the leaks that lead to breaches.

Why TPN Compliance?

Seeing the success of cybersecurity and privacy regulations in other industries, the Motion Picture Association knew it needed something similar to protect the entertainment industry.

“The TPN establishes a single benchmark of minimum security preparedness for all vendors and their teams, wherever they work, and whatever their specialty. By creating a single, global directory of “trusted partner” vendors, content companies will have access to a centralized database to learn their TPN status.”

Previous separate regulations have been combined to form the current TPN compliance expectations. Learn more on their FAQs page.

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TPN Vendor Process

Currently, the TPN provides assessments of most production, post-production and distribution operations throughout the entertainment supply chain. The requirements for meeting the TPN compliance certification are covered in a 94-page document that covers physical, cyber and shipping security. Help from a CyberCompass Commander can reduce the complexity and get you certified quickly.

The CyberCompass Difference

CyberCompass can help guide you through the TPN compliance certification process. Build cyber resiliency instead of simply checking off items on a list.

Our automation can save your firm over 400 hours in twelve months on becoming and staying compliant.

  • Cloud-based with nothing to download
  • Answer one set of simple yes/no questions that meets TPN regulations
  • Flexibility to start and stop as CyberCompass saves your progress
  • Compliance gap report to gain visibility into your non-compliance and top priorities
  • Built in step-by-step guide to fix issues and get compliant quickly
  • CyberCompass online vault to save your “body of evidence” in one place
  • Manage your third party/vendor compliance to track their compliance. Use our pre-built agreement templates to make record keeping easier
  • Monitor your compliance for 12 months with dashboards and reporting 
  • CyberCompass Academy provides cybersecurity awareness training

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