Your business continuity plan will have a number of different components. While these components may be similar to those in another business’s continuity plan, each will be created specifically for your business. While a large section of your plan is likely to involve various disaster scenarios, including cyberattacks and how your business will respond to them, that’s not the only purpose. Here are some of the other components of a business continuity plan you will need.

Your Goals

Your goals should be a key component in your business continuity plan. Like any plan you create for your business, you should state the goals you want to accomplish with it. While this may be obvious in that the plan is designed to ensure your business can continue operations during unexpected events, that’s not the only goal. Your business continuity plan is also there to provide an accounting of your company’s assets, resources, current types of cyber security, key personnel, locations of data backups, business partners, and more. Another goal of this plan is to do a full business analysis and use that analysis to shore up weak areas and minimize as many risks as possible.

Your Business Strategies and Processes

Another component that should be included early on in your business continuity plan is a list of your business strategies and processes. This is basically an outline of how your business operates on a daily basis. It should include the structure of your company, including its various departments and the hierarchy of responsibility. You may want to include your C-level executives here, along with a brief summary of their duties. Also include an outline of your current IT security solutions and your overall cyber security plan. This section should give someone an idea of exactly how your company functions and what protections you currently have in place to prevent cyberattacks.

Your Assets

As a part of your business analysis, you’ll create a list of all of your company assets. This includes everything from any real estate you own to your company servers and other technology. You even want to include your human resources. Certain assets need to be highlighted for the important part they may play in some of your disaster recovery plans. These include any cold sites or secondary locations your employees may need to temporarily work from, the location of all of your backup data, the location of any off-site servers, and anything else that is a key asset in putting your business back together after a disaster. Some of these may be specific to physical disasters, while others may only be needed if you experience a cyber incident.

Personnel, Business Partners, and Other Contacts

Anyone who plays a part in your scenario responses should be listed in the business plan along with their contact information. You also need to list any business partners and other contacts who may need to be notified. For example, you may want to have the contact information for local news stations and newspapers so press releases can be quickly distributed. This will ensure that you can quickly share information with your customers and anyone else who may be impacted by the disaster.

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