Data Privacy and Compliance Does Not Have to Be a Dirty Word

GDPR controlsTwo of the biggest buzzwords in the world of cybersecurity today are data privacy and compliance. Almost every business is either governed by or works with a company under a regulation. With each new high profile breach that hits the news, governing bodies are cracking down on businesses to clean up their cybersecurity posture. However, the expectations set in the regulations can seem overwhelming and unachievable to many businesses who do not have the right guidance.

The ability to find and hire a full time CISO, much less a Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) or Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), is not realistic for many businesses struggling to stay afloat in our post-pandemic world. However, virtual support from knowledgeable professional is an affordable solution to empower businesses to increase their cyber resilience.

The Role Of The vCPO

The role of a CPO is to protect all Personal Identifiable Information (PII) a business collects, stores or uses.  This data can come through multiple sources and represents many types of private data.

For example, in the healthcare industry, patient medical records are ladened with private information and might be stored on multiple devices within a hospital network. An online merchant may have various buying patterns of existing customers that need to be protected.

Remote workers transmit data between their personal WiFi connection and the main servers for your business, including intelligence information, financial numbers, or ultra-sensitive corporate documents.  A virtual PO will know what to assess, where to look for vulnerabilities and corrective actions to fix them.

Here are some of the key benefits of hiring a vCPO:

Data Mapping
A CyberCompass vCPO can quickly create an inventory of devices as well as data mapping of what information is moving throughout your network utilizing our automated scans. They then help you understand the report by identifying your greatest risks and offering guidance to fix the issue. Your systems are scanned quarterly to verify that your fixes are working, detect any new issues and give you a baseline to track anomalies.

Data Intelligence
All of your datasets are important, but which ones are truly the most mission critical to your business?  A vCPO will help you prioritize your business’ PII by assessing its content, use and accessibility. Things to consider include:

        • How is your business using this PII?
        • Why is it being stored the way it is?
        • Where does the data go once it is being accessed?

Categorizing Data
Apart from determining what is most valuable to your business, the vCPO will also conduct a very thorough and comprehensive risk assessment to see which of your data sets are most at risk for being exposed via a security breach.  By doing this, strategies and recommendations will be provided for you as to the kinds of safeguards you can implement to minimize risk.

The Role Of The vCCO

Once you have all of your datasets safe and secure, it is now the role of virtual CCO to make sure that all of the PII that is collected, used, and stored now come into compliance within standards that have been set forth by your governing body.

Legislations, such as GDPR and CCPA, were established to create standards for all businesses within their jurisdiction to protect data with equitable ability. The primary role of the vCCO is to ensure compliance and build a body of evidence through documented proof in the event of an audit.

Here are key benefits of a vCCO.

Assessment, Guidance and Support
Our vCCO will spearhead your annual risk assessment, tailored to fulfill the requirements of all regulations your business deals with. Results from the assessment are used to create a Risk Management Plan that prioritizes your vulnerabilities and sets forth a plan to correct them. As vulnerabilities are corrected, your risk is reduced. Your vCCO works with you, helping you keep proper documentation on how you are fulfilling compliance requirements.

Audit Support
Let’s face it, no one likes the idea of being audited. However, if your business is audited, your vCCO will be there to prepare the necessary documentation and stand by you through the audit.

Reporting Issues
If your business is ever impacted by a cyberattack, one of the main items of priority that you need to do is to inform all of the governmental agencies of it that could be involved.  This is especially critical as you inform key stakeholders as to what happened, and what is being done to rectify the situation.  Your vCCO will ensure you follow all of the right channels, inform the correct people and recover as quickly as possible from the incident.

Your CyberCompass Virtual Team is Ready

CyberCompass has years of experience working with all major compliance and privacy regulations. The power of CyberCompass’ cloud-based software reduces the time it takes to complete a risk assessment, generates a Risk Management plan and automatically updates as you correct vulnerabilities. These capabilities, combined with the expertise of a vCPO and vCCO, can reduce your risk and get you compliant in less than 90 days. Contact us today to begin your journey to cyber resilience.

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