Cyber Risk Challenges for Technology Solutions

Technology solutions span almost all other industries and companies.  Many technology companies either create, process, store or transmit protected data such as protected health information, non-public information, PCI, CUI, etc. As a vendor in different industries, there is an expectation to comply with each governing entity’s standards and regulations.

The CyberCompass Difference

As a technology firm, it is important to have a tech savvy partner double check your cybersecurity and ensure you are maintaining proper protection of data. Our holistic solution covers your people, processes, technology and vendors. Employee training, policies and procedures, network scans and penetration testing will boost your level of cybersecurity, protecting your clients and those of your vendors.

Cyber Issue

Software providor in Canada was required to meet HIPAA, CIS-20, and GDPR compliance because Fortune 500 customers required proof within 90 days to continue as a vendor.

Potential Damage

Loss of contracts resulting in a loss of 60% client’s revenue.

CyberCompass Difference

Completed multi-regulations assessment using CyberCompass platform, performed pen testing and vulnerability scans, customized policy and procedures, developed multiple strategic plans, and produced a letter of attestation. The result was continued and expanded contracts.

Holistic coverage for technology solutions

Depending on the state of your business, you might fall under multiple regulations, each with their own requirements. We simplify the process by combining questions from all of your governing regulations into a single assessment. Our automated tool generates all the documentation you need to submit to each organization.

  • Annual Security Risk Assessments that meet HIPAA, New York DFS, NAIC 668
  • Multiple location and specialty assessments, including global
  • GDPR Assessments if you deal with EU clients
  • On demand HIPAA and Cyber Security training – both employees and officers
  • New York DFS Security Risk Assessments
  • CIS-20 Assessment for a thorough cybersecurity technical assessment

    Creating Cyber Resilience

    Are you ready to move from a state of trying to keep up to the confidence of a cyber resilient business? Get started today! Our CyberCompass Security packages have what you need to begin your journey. Not sure what you need? Contact us today to for the guidance you need to make the best choices for your business.

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    Download the case study

    Learn more about how CyberCompass has helped companies just like you!

    Thank you for downloading our case study

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