Regulations Are Catching Up With Mobile Engagement

Due to increased consumer complaints with robocalls, Congress passed the TRACED Act in December 2019 to create harsher restrictions and greater enforcement against companies violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
In May 2020, the FCC created stiffer penalties including:

  • intentional violations = $10,000 per robocall
  • first offenses can be fined vs. initial citation
  • statute of limitations extended to 4 years

FCC is on Offense to Combat Non-Compliance with Fines

The Federal Communications Commission has already issued multiple cease-and-desist orders and fines for TCPA violations, including the largest fine to date of $225 million, in 2021. This comes on the heels of FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenwood kicking off her anti-robocall agenda.

“Unwanted robocalls are not only a nuisance, but they also pose a serious risk to consumers who can inadvertently share sensitive, personal information in response to bad actors’ malicious schemes. I’m proud to unveil my first set of actions to put a renewed focus on what the FCC can do to combat the issue that we receive the most complaints about.”

It has greatly improved our ability to keep our compliance manuals, projects, audits and policies organized. Having a one-stop place for everything compliance related is fantastic.

Richard Hughes, South Texas Spinal Clinic

Recent litigations brought against companies violating TCPA are not solely initiated by the FCC. Customer complaints are the main drive in investigations that lead to fines. You want to make sure your systems and processes are secure before an investigation.

It can be overwhelming to understand compliance across your entire business ecosystem: people, processes, technology, and vendors.


CyberCompass Provides the One-Stop Shop for Protection and Assurance

We are not another technology solution. 
We pinpoint your vulnerabilities, prioritized your risk, and then assist in getting you compliant. We update your policies and procedures and move you to compliance quickly.

  • In less than 60 days, assess your vulnerabilities and level of compliance with TCPA regulations
  • Create policies and procedure that comply with TCPA regulations
  • CyberCompass platform streamlines your documentation and creates a “body of evidence”
  • Reduce and manage cyber risk to avoid fines and improve your company reputation
  • Create a culture of ongoing cyber resilience
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