What Cybersecurity Solution is Best for Us?

Whether you need a complete cybersecurity, compliance and privacy program, or help filling in the gaps, we have a cybersecurity solution to fit your needs. Our simple, yet thorough approach can help you:

  • create a custom security program to build your cyber resilience
  • assess your business ecosystem to identify cyber risks and pinpoint vulnerabilities
  • eliminate deficiencies and minimize cyber risks
  • monitor, collaborate and course-correct to maintain a culture of resilience

We need to…

Adopt a Security Program

CyberCompass is a holistic cybersecurity solution. Get a risk assessment that covers all regulations you face, create policies and procedures and work through actions to correct vulnerabilities.

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Comply With a Regulation

CyberCompass helps you fully comply with multiple regulations such as CCPACMMC, GDPR, HIPAANYDFS Reg 500 and more. We can easily combine multiple assessments to simplify the process.

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Enhance Our Current Security Program

If you have some of the basics in place, but are not fully compliant with expected levels of security, we have a package that matches your gaps. We can also build one to specifically fit your needs.

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Minimize Our Cyber Risk

Cyber criminals are looking for easy targets. Don’t let your business be one of them. CyberCompass provides prioritized corrective actions that guide you to a place of cyber resilience.

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Protect Our Network

We perform in-depth network vulnerability and full external network penetration scans that pinpoint vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues in your network. Our step-by-step reports help you address issues quickly and effectively.

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Protect Our Critical Data

Whether you have some infrastructure in place or need a full program, we have a package to match your needs. Protect data with a holistic approach that covers your people, processes, technology and vendors.

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Implement Better Security for Our Remote Workforce

Our Remote Workforce Security package includes a workforce survey to create a baseline for your security. You will be able to assess your vulnerabilities, train your employees and track their progress.

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Better Showcase Our Program to the Board

With CyberCompass’ built in reporting features, it is easy to show where you started, what you have accomplished and where you are going in your cybersecurity and compliance efforts.

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Investigate and/or Recover from a Security Incident

Breach is a scary term that can elicit panic. However, our tested methods have proven to provide fast results, reduce business interruption and provide all documentation you need in the event of an audit.

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Find an Automated Solution for Our Security Program

If your security program is stored in house, whether on physical spreadsheets or digital copy, it’s time for an upgrade. CyberCompass is a cloud-based software that can be accessed anywhere and uses a secure vault to protect your data.

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Are you looking for a better cybersecurity solution that supports your bottom line?

CyberCompass partners with companies across multiple industries, giving you a competitive edge.

What’s the Difference Between Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience?

Cyber resilience accelerates your business growth. Cybersecurity is an element within cyber resilience, but cannot be the whole focus. Changing your mindset and outlook will affect how you plan for, react to and recover from a cyber incident.

Proactive vs. Reactive

An effective cybersecurity and compliance program proactively anticipates going on the offensive. IT and security teams have more time to focus on strategic activities that support the detection and mitigation of potential threats, instead of putting out fires.

Prepared vs. Negligent

Being prepared means having a strong understanding of the risks or threats, how they will be addressed and how they can be avoided. Knowing your cyber risk will help navigate uncertainty. Cyber risk management empowers you to absorb a breach without your business losing its reputation, resources or suffer a significant, devastating financial loss.

Accelerate vs. Hinder

accelerateCybersecurity and compliance should focus on enabling the operations to achieve business objectives. Security that is in-your-face or over-the-top can generate obstacles, especially if it gets in the way of employees as they try to do their jobs.

Advance vs. Repeat

For your business to scale, you need your cybersecurity and compliance efforts focused on solving the problem once and then moving along. Your business can then focus on high-value work rather than fixing the same issue over and over.

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Learn more about how CyberCompass has helped companies just like you!

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