Meet the Team

Robert Felps, CEO

Robert strives to simplify the complex.  He’s spent years working on large, complex problems and providing streamlines, automated workflow solutions providing huge savings to his vast array of clients, who often say “I didn’t know you could make it work this easily.”

Using his out-of-the-box vision and curiosity he has saved his clients, including Fortune 500s, millions of dollars in development costs and ongoing operations.  He focuses on architecting next generation applications that save time, money and improve the bottom line.  His ingenious approach to solving problems has led to a cybersecurity matrix for clients of all size, intuitive business continuity diagrams, simplified contingency plans, innovative cybersecurity guides and automated workflow tools that make work life easier.

Robert is fueled by passion to serve others.  As Third Rock’s CEO his goal is for companies to become cyber resilient by providing a standardized base, yet customizable cybersecurity and compliance program to survive and thrive in asymmetrical cyberwarfare that every company is facing today.  He has spoken nationally on his unique approach to cybersecurity, compliance and privacy.

In his free time, apparently between Midnight and 5AM, Robert enjoys playing on heavy equipment at his ranch in Texas.

Ed Jones, CCO

Ed brings over 30 years of customer satisfaction experience. He has worked with startup to Fortune 100 companies managing projects in IT, process automation and high tech industries. Past projects include large scale software development coordinating a worldwide team, health management system implementation, logistics automation, systems life cycle management and advanced video recording systems. Ed received two Chairman Awards for BAE Systems for new product introductions and has two patents pending approval. 

Clint Eschberger, CIO

Clint has over 30 years of experience working with business technology in both the Fortune 50 and the small and medium space. He has multi-faceted experience in IT, Sales, Product Management, Marketing, SaaS, and Software Development. Clint ran a successful virtual CIO/CTO business for several years, before joining what would become CyberCompass. This experience has allowed him bring a visionary approach to delivering complex systems in an easy to use and understand package for businesses around the world.

Taylor Hersom, Director of Channel Sales

Taylor brings a depth of knowledge and insight to assessing risk, managing remediation and ultimately improving clients’ cyber resilience. He spent a number of years at Deloitte, where he assisted fortune 500 organizations in building robust risk management programs and achieving financial audit objectives. He also has served as the CISO and business development leader for an organization that provided cybersecurity professional services nationwide. Finally, Taylor is an Advisory Board Member for the first-ever CompTIA Cybersecurity Advisory Council. Taylor leads our practice to deliver virtual cybersecurity and compliance expertise to our clients, allowing them to focus on running their business. Taylor is an avid cook and will take any excuse to get outside.

Kathleen Hadaway, CMO/ CFO

Kathleen enjoys building brands, extending them in new ways, capturing prospects’ attention and ultimately growing customer loyalty. Her curiosity to uncover buyer motivation and understand customer perception around value drive her to continually look for new ways to convert a product to a brand.  “Marketing is the transference of enthusiasm to the customer” is her favorite quote when asked to define marketing. A recognized branding leader with over 30 years of experience, Kathleen has worked with some of the nation’s largest brands in transforming their brand and reimagining their customer experience to be a competitive advantage. She built a successful consulting firm which had the privilege of working with Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MD Anderson, Houston Rockets, Memorial Hermann, Harris Health System, Houston Community College, University of Texas Medical Center, Reliant, eVgo, and Halliburton.

Cathy Diehl, Communications Coordinator

Cathy comes to the team with 13 years of experience in education and a Masters in Library Science. As a digital librarian, Cathy’s skills for writing, research and technology have translated well to the world of cyber risk management.  Her desire to learn new skills and her creativity have expanded her role within the company. She currently assists the marketing department with web design, social media, SEO and partner success. When she’s not hard at work, Cathy enjoys spending time with her young children and husband.

Timothy Sullivan, Senior Business Advisor

Timothy is a Principal with INFUSE ( ), a consulting firm providing foresight based strategy development services  to clients including government, Fortune 1000, non-profits and emerging companies in life sciences, healthcare, energy, software and telecommunications. He is a technology innovator and entrepreneur of constructive disruptive technologies, products and services and holds 42 global patents. Timothy founded and grew more than a half dozen companies over the past 40 years in medical devices, biotech and software. He holds undergraduate degrees in business and physics and a Master of Science degree in Strategic Foresight from the University of Houston.  Timothy has served as an Executive Advisor to the CyberCompass executive team and Board of Directors since 2017.

Mike Moran, CISO/ CISSP

Mike is a veteran of the software industry focused primarily on applications and development tools, with a secondary focus on high availability, high traffic web sites.  He brings a CISO vision with extensive cyber security experience in business operations, software development, and database architecture.  Past projects include three Olympic games, ten years of Grand Slam Tennis as well as The Masters, and a custom healthcare print service which produced and mailed over 10 million documents a month. In addition to his work with CyberCompass, he also runs his own cybersecurity and digital marketing consulting firm, Digital Dimensions by WSI.

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