Putting your security risk assessment into action

No matter the industry standards you fall under, one thing is the same across the board. Get a security risk assessment.

What is not so clear is what you do with those results once you have them. Ideally, a risk assessment should be the springboard to action. Knowing your vulnerabilities is the first step to cyber resilience, but without appropriate correction there will be no change.

CyberCompass is your complete solution

Many companies offer the risk assessment, tell you your vulnerabilities and then leave it to you to figure out. CyberCompass is different. Not only do we pinpoint your vulnerabilities, our risk register compiles the data from your assessment to provide prioritized action items. Easy to read reports show you high, moderate and low risk areas allowing you to create a plan of action. Guidance in the tool and from your personal CyberCompass Commander teach you how to fix issues. Once a risk has been dealt with, update it in our system and immediately see the changes in your risk report.

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Be more than your risks

Companies that create a culture of cyber resilience focus on more than correcting risks. Do more than simply protecting your castle wall. While your physical and technical cybersecurity are important, you cannot forget to train your people, create processes for success and secure your vendors. CyberCompass offers that holistic solution.

Our Remote Workforce Security program provides you the information you need to secure your remote workforce and protect private data outside of your network. Combined with cybersecurity awareness and phishing training in our CyberCompass Academy, do more to empower your people.

The proof is in the report

All the work in the world is not helpful if it isn’t properly documented. Regulations such NYDFS Reg 500 are pushing for more awareness and involvement from company leaders and boards. Trying to keep up with manual documentation is a thing of the past. CyberCompass secures all of your documents in an encrypted vault. Update your policies and procedures using our templates or with the help of a certified Commander. Easily generate reports with the push of a button to share with your board or in the event of a security incident that requires proof of compliance.

Go from risk assessment to cyber resilient today

Security can start today. Let us help you navigate the complexity of compliance and move your business from cyber scared to cyber resilient. Whether you need a complete program, or to fill in your gaps, CyberCompass has the solution to fit your needs.

CyberCompass Surveyor components identify and prioritize risks through a variety of vulnerability scans, testing and standards based assessments.

CyberCompass Calibrator components focus on remediating, reducing and managing risks with guidance from our team of experts.

Rapid changes to the work environment has left businesses vulnerable. Our Remote Workforce Security program allows you to assess and increase the security of your remote employees.

Your people are your first line of defense against cyber attacks. Our CyberCompass Academy provides cybersecurity awareness training to increase your human firewall.

Ready to start your journey to cyber resiliency?

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Learn more about how CyberCompass has helped companies just like you!

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Download the case study

Learn more about how CyberCompass has helped companies just like you!

Thank you for downloading our case study

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