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CyberCompass is Your One-Stop Solution for Data Governance

Each day, the privacy of your company’s data is under attack. Cyber warfare is continuously evolving with new threats regularly surfacing. Is it even possible to create true data governance?


CyberCompass is a one-stop solution for your cybersecurity, compliance and privacy. We create a cyber risk management program that covers your entire business ecosystem of your people, processes, technology and vendors. A dedicated vCISO guides you from assessment to maintenance, to ensure you build a cyber risk management program to help you survive and thrive through any cyber incident.

Our Commander Navigates You to Cyber Confidence

On top of the never-ending bombardment of cyber attacks, the changing landscape of compliance regulations adds another layer of complexity and confusion. What happens when you need to comply with multiple regulations? What does it mean when a regulation is updated? Your personal CyberCompass Commander helps you navigate the complexity so you can focus on running your business. 

Data Governance Complete Solution

The CyberCompass Commander solution covers your entire business ecosystem, supporting you from assessment to implementation to maintenance. We also stand with you through any audit or request to prove compliance

Identify Risks

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment based on compliance regulation
  • Combine multiple regulations into a single assessment
  • In-depth technology vulnerability scans

Transform Culture

Document Processes

  • Cyber Risk Management Plan prioritizes identified vulnerabilities and risks
  • Strategic Plans for business continuity such as IT Security Plan, Incident Response Plan and more
  • Policies and Procedures document protection of data and services across organization

Harden Technology

  • Protect confidentiality, integrity and availability of data
  • Ensure access control to data and assets, both physical and remote
  • Implement safeguards to ensure delivery of critical infrastructure services
  • Limit or contain the impact of a cybersecurity event

Verify Vendors

  • Communicate requirements to Vendors
  • Require signed agreements
  • Require proof of cyber compliance
  • Store documentation in our encrypted vault

Monitor & Manage

  • Monitor data, data flow, vulnerabilities and access
  • Document risk reduction
  • Conduct annual security risk assessment
  • Quarterly technical vulnerability scans
  • Update new cybersecurity requirements
  • Stay abreast of regulatory changes and impacts
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Download the case study

Learn more about how CyberCompass has helped companies just like you!

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