Cybersecurity Audit Management Simplified

Cybersecurity Audits can be stressful, especially if you don’t have an experienced information security officer on your team. Whether it is proving regulation compliance or responding to a vendor request, the time constraints and deadlines that come with audit management can be quickly overwhelming.

Vendor Audits Could Affect Your Bottom Line

Large corporations are sending security audit requests to their contracted vendors requesting proof of data protection practices. These requests typically come with deadline expectations tied to contract renewal. Companies who cannot prove their compliance face the possibility of losing large contracts. These audits have different names, such as:
  • “Third-Party Assessment Questionnaire”,
  • “Vendor Cybersecurity Assessment” or
  • “IT Security Questionnaire”

CyberCompass has experience with security audits from these and other Fortune 5000 corporations

All of these questionnaires have one thing in common – they are creating increased workload, stress, and sleepless nights. Have you been sent a request to complete a compliance questionnaire?

CyberCompass Expertise Covers Multiple Compliance Standards

CyberCompass has an experienced team to help you build an audit-ready cybersecurity, compliance and privacy program. Need to comply with more than one regulation? Our automated platform can combine multiple regulations into a single assessment, saving you time and money. With years of experience across multiple industries, get a vCISO that matches your needs. We offer security audit management services for:

Get a Virtual CISO in Your Corner

CyberCompass has experience across multiple industries helping businesses understand their vulnerabilities and work toward cyber resilience. Our vCISO stands with you while building and implementing a risk management program, including helping with audits and proof of compliance requests. A current customer recently received multiple compliance questionnaires simultaneously, each with very specific expectations. Our vCISO worked with them to answer the questions, understand the expectations and develop the necessary plan to implement.

CyberCompass helps businesses build cyber resilience that covers state data privacy laws and regulations. Our one-stop solution covers your business ecosystem of your people, processes, technology and vendors.

CyberCompass offers full virtual CISO services to move you from vulnerable to cyber resilient. We complete your comprehensive risk assessment and build a cyber risk management plan to match your businesses needs, budget and privacy goals. We also complete any requests for proof of compliance with thorough documentation.

Vendor Compliance Solution

  • Under multiple regulations? We combine them into a single survey, saving time and money
  • Get a prioritized risk report, allowing you to plan and budget corrective actions
  • Complete suite of policies and procedures that comply with your state privacy law
  • Your virtual CISO completes requests for proof of compliance
  • Maintain all documentation in our online, encrypted vault
  • CyberCompass Academy provides cybersecurity awareness training for your employees
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Learn more about how CyberCompass has helped companies just like you!

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