Which Remote Worker is NOT Protecting Customer Data?

Today’s Remote Workforce Requires Cyber Resilience, Not Just Cybersecurity

Overnight, companies were forced to send their workforce home to protect their physical safety. Now, those same businesses face the decision to keep workers remote or bring them back to the office. If you have remote workers, it is imperative that they become an intentional part of your cybersecurity plan. CyberCompass is developed our Remote Workforce Security Assurance solution for this purpose. Pinpoint vulnerabilities, empower your employees to increase their cybersecurity and begin the path toward cyber resilience.

Our Remote Worforce Security Solution Goes Beyond Cybersecurity Defenses

checkPrebuilt survey takes less than 20 minutes to set up and less than 15 minutes for your employees to take 

checkResults compiled and prioritized from high to low risk

checkAbility to send quarterly surveys to monitor progress

checkImplement remote cybersecurity awareness online training and employee progress tracking

checkGet immediate cyber coverage, with no deductible, for up to $250,000*

The threats from cyber warfare are constantly escalating. Cybersecurity must evolve beyond only defending the castle wall. Cyber resilience is about creating a culture of cyber safety. With our solution, you can rapidly determine your remote workforce’s cyber hygiene behaviors, learn security and productivity information about their workspace and devices. Our on-demand training can improve their ability to protect customer data in a remote environment.

Are You Ready to Start your Journey to Cyber Resilience?

For less than a cup of coffee per employee, per month, you can secure your remote workforce.

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Get Resources Now

CyberCompass has developed Cyber Hygiene Checklists with easy to apply tips and tricks to immediately increase your personal and professional cybersecurity posture. They are free to download and share.

 Want to learn more about our Remote Workforce Security program? Read our FAQS here.
* Cyber coverage provided by North American Data Security RPG. The actual policy with endorsements should be reviewed for specific terms, conditions and exclusions that will govern in the event of loss.


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Learn more about how CyberCompass has helped companies just like you!

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