Do you know your weakest link?

CyberCompass now offers
Vulnerability Management Services starting at only $500 a month!

vulnerability management

Vulnerability Management Services with Automation and Assurance

CyberCompass Explorer services help you understand the vulnerabilities within your technology and the employees who use it, empowering you to manage your risk. Starting at only $500 a month, you get:

  • Automated quarterly scans and tests to discover weak links
  • Expert guidance to improve risks
  • 12-month subscription to CyberCompass platform

Get comprehensive, quarterly tests and scans to verify business security for:

  • employee cyber hygiene
  • firewalls
  • networks
  • operating systems
  • web applications

Results are uploaded into CyberCompass, our cloud-based platform. Our experts provide the guidance to understand your results so you can deliver more effective and efficient protection.

We offer a wide range of affordable quarterly tests and scans with the expertise to complement your cybersecurity strategy!

External penetration testing

External Penetration Testing

A firewall test to determine openings for unwanted communications penetrating your business network. 

External penetration testing

 Network Vulnerability Scan

Tests the firewall protection from your internal network and all the devices attached to it. Find unwanted connections or communications with a device inventory. 

External penetration testing

Operating System Vulnerability Scan

Verifies compliance and pinpoints vulnerabilities within an individual computer’s operating system (i.e. Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.)

External penetration testing

Dark Web Scan

Searches the dark web for stolen usernames, passwords, Social Security numbers and other personal identifiable information.

External penetration testing

Web Application Scan

Specific vulnerability scan run against any web application designed to collect or store private data.

External penetration testing

Remote Workforce Survey – Exclusive to CyberCompass

Includes employee cyber hygiene survey, home computer internet speed test, firewall test, and operating system confirmation.

Are You Ready to Start your Journey to Cyber Resilience?

Starting at only $500 a month, be empowered to know your vulnerabilities with the expert guidance to correct them.

manage technical vulnerabilities

* Cyber coverage provided by North American Data Security RPG. The actual policy with endorsements should be reviewed for specific terms, conditions and exclusions that will govern in the event of loss.


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Download the case study

Learn more about how CyberCompass has helped companies just like you!

Thank you for downloading our case study

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