New features released in CyberCompass™ update including the new enterprise survey system which allows remote interviews for a faster turnaround. The automated, self-administered surveys save time and money by removing the need for a consultant to administer each and every survey within an assessment.

New Features in our Enterprise System

Alternate Login

  • The Alternate Login System allows for a secure link assignment to be sent via email to a person, which gives the assigned user access to a specific task without requiring an account.
  • This allows for faster assignment to individuals without creating unnecessary accounts.
  • It improves the security of risk management (compliance, assessment) information.

Task Management system

  • Allows consultants and client administrators to assign tasks to users that may or may not have an account on CyberCompass.
  • The task management allows for a secure link assignment to be sent via email, which gives the assigned user access to the specific task.
  • An email notification system is integrated with the task management system to keep everyone up to date on the progress of the task.
  • The initial release is limited to Distributed Surveys
  • It will be expanded to other uses in the near future, including assigned remediation and vendor assessments.

Enterprise Survey System (Distributed Surveys)

  • Ability to assign a survey from an assessment to either an internal or external user, using the Task Management System.
  • The recipient will be given a certain amount of days to answer the survey questions.
  • The recipient will be sent email reminders to complete the survey.

New Tiered Support System

  • The Support Button will now open a window with information about support.
  • Support is based on the vendor or support organization that is assigned to the account.
  • The information is provided by the Consulting or Enterprise Account.
  • A new form allows a user to submit a support request via the window.
  • An email will be sent to the support email address provided by the Consulting or Enterprise Account owner.  Which may be sent to a support (ticket) system to open a support ticket.


Account Management

  • Completely updated the account settings system to manage both personal account settings and organizational account settings.
  • Consulting and Enterprise accounts now have proper access to perform additional management of client and user settings.
  • Bulk User Import has been upgraded to allow the import of both training and regular users.
  • You are not able to bulk import administrator accounts for security reasons.
  • Compliance Roles have been redesigned to allow more types of roles, including custom roles.


  • All pages beyond the home page / dashboard have a proper and more obvious bread crumb menu to help you move back and forth between pages.
  • For consulting and enterprise accounts this makes it much easier and more consistent to navigate through client pages.

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