Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Whether your workforce is onsite or remote, cybersecurity awareness training should be an integral part of the culture of your company. Empowering your employees to be a part of the cybersecurity solution will transform not only their work environment, but the cyber safety of your company.

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Passwords 101

Passwords are the first line of cyber defense. Learn how to make strong passwords that are hard to crack but easy to maintain.

Phishing 102

Brand Impersonation is the top form of phishing that hackers use. Learn how to spot these techniques.

Internet Safety

The internet is an integral part of our work and recreation. Learn to search smart, protecting yourself and your company.

Secure your Workspace

Physical safety is not the same as cyber safety. Make sure your home office focuses on cybersecurity.

Track Completion and Competency

Easily track completion and competency in our manager dashboard. See who has completed their assigned tasks, how well they performed and completion certificates. Our resource library provides materials for continued education even after the course is complete.

Modules Included:

Looking to Build a Cyber Resilient Culture?

Hook security phishing

CyberCompass partners with Hook Security to offer another layer with phishing and awareness training.

“Having layered levels of defense is critical to an effective security program. However, your defense doesn’t end with tools. Having educated employees is a key part of an effective security strategy.”

Check out their video about what cybersecurity awareness training through phishing simulations looks like for your company.

HIPAA Staff and Officer Training

CyberCompass partners with Nivola Healthcare Solutions to offer their best in class training by experts Pegi Block and Debbie Elmore. Cybersecurity awareness training can be added to HIPAA training for better staff competency and compliance.

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Download the case study

Learn more about how CyberCompass has helped companies just like you!

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