Cybersecurity Management Across your Business Ecosystem

Businesses need to expand their thought of cybersecurity management beyond just securing their technology and networks. To survive the asymmetrical cyber warfare that threatens from every side, the goal should be for complete cyber resilience. Choosing to ignore the need for a holistic cybersecurity management system can lead to dire consequences for a company that experiences a breach.

Cyber resilience is the ability for a company to prepare for, respond to and recover from a cyber event with minimal disruption to their business.

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Information + Application = Resilience

CyberCompass utilizes Surveyor and Calibrator capabilities to help you manage cyber risk and increase your cyber resilience across your people, processes, technology and vendors. Our processes are designed around the National Institute of Standard and Technology Cyber Security Framework and Federal Information Security Modernization Act. Click on a section to learn more.



surveyor applications

Surveyor components identify and prioritize risks and vulnerabilities.  CyberCompass provides a wide variety of vulnerability scans, testing and standards based assessments.


calibrator applications

Calibrator components focus on remediating, reducing and managing risk. CyberCompass provides the knowledge, built-in expertise and the confidence to perform at the highest level to build a cyber resilient culture with cybersecurity, policies and procedures, training, and vendor compliance management.

Is Your Remote Workforce Protected?

Employees working from home present a unique set of cyber security risks. Our Remote Workforce Security Assurance solution provides your IT department with the information they need to protect sensitive data being accessed from a home office. This is a holistic solution for your remote workforce that includes

  • Remote Workforce assessment survey
  • Dashboard reporting with prioritized risks
  • Guidance to correct issues
  • CyberCompass Academy cybersecurity awareness training
remote worker

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Download the case study

Learn more about how CyberCompass has helped companies just like you!

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