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CyberCompass CaaS Protects the Integrity of Informational Technology

Threats to IT security change rapidly and do not give a reprieve from their onslaught. Businesses today are in a constant state of cyber warfare against hackers who are constantly changing the game. While 24/7 monitoring is important, companies also need regular in-depth scans of their firewalls, networks, company accounts and devices to have the greatest understanding of their vulnerabilities. CyberCompass CaaS is a one-stop solution for this and more.

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We Navigate You Through the Complexity of Cybersecurity and Compliance

Manage compliance, reduce cyber risk and protect your business

    • Comply with multiple regulations and frameworks at 65% less workhours than traditional methods (ISO 27001, NIST 800-171, CIS-20, HIPAA, GDPR, CMMC, CCPA, etc.)
    • Reduce risk of fines or reputational damage, improve relationships with regulators, and create trust with key stakeholders
    • Provide on-demand expertise so you can focus on achieving your strategic operational objectives
    • Ability to show proof of cyber defenses to secure contracts as well as obtain cyber insurance
    • Standardize and optimize compliance operations at one-third the cost of a full-time CISO

CyberCompass is 65% more efficient with our proprietary cyber risk management platform.

Need expertise that fits your organization? We offer on-demand virtual Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Compliance Officer and Data Protection Officer at one-third the cost of full time CISO.

How CyberCompass CaaS Works

Step 1: Pinpoint Vulnerabilities and Non-compliance across people, processes, technology and vendors. We offer both:

1. Security Risk Assessment –  based on your industry’s regulations and framework that covers your compliance with people, processes and vendors with one survey

    • Example: you are required to meet ISO 27001 and HIPAA, CyberCompass assesses with one survey with questions specified by department – saving you workhours vs other traditional approaches

2. Technical Risk Assessment – determine your vulnerabilities with data protection and IT.  CyberCompass platform allows you to upload your targets, receive notifications when it will run to avoid company downtime,  and receive summary and detail reports in one location. You choose how often – one-time, monthly, or quarterly:

    • External penetration testing
    • Network Vulnerability Scans
    • Dark Web Scans

Phase 2: Custom Roadmap For Cost Effective Risk Reduction

    • Based on your assessment, you receive a prioritized roadmap ranking from high to low risk.
    • This roadmap maximizes your cybersecurity investments to understand where to allocate budget to achieve risk reduction cost effectively.

Phase 3: Manage and Monitor

    • Your CyberCompass Commander (vCISO) project manages and ensures all activities, documentation and efforts are continually moving from high risk to high performance.
    • Your CyberCompass Commander is on-demand to address any audits, verification, questionnaires, application, etc. about your cybersecurity and compliance.  

CyberCompass CaaS: Outstanding Service at an Affordable Price

We offer 3 package to fit your needs and your budget.

CyberCompass Explorer

Technical assessments for companies who need to quickly assess technical vulnerabilities. We offer multiple scans that can be purchased individually or as a package. Learn more about our scans.

  • One time scans – contact us for a quote
  • Quarterly Scan package – starting at $500 a month

CyberCompass Navigator

Get access to our CyberCompass platform with 2 hours a month of a vCISO expert. This option is affordable to many companies who have a cybersecurity program they need to optimize. – Starting at $2,500 a month

CyberCompass Commander

Our Commander package gives you a complete CaaS program with a vCISO, virtual Compliance Officer and virtual Privacy Officer. Get complete turn-key service for building and managing your cybersecurity and compliance program. – Starting at $4,500 a month 

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Download the case study

Learn more about how CyberCompass has helped companies just like you!

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