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Building Cyber Resilience

What do you think when you hear cybersecurity?

Many times, we think about firewalls and protecting physical systems.  Having a complex and rapidly changing enemy means the typical castle wall defense is not enough. The reality is we are fighting asymmetrical warfare with attacks coming from all directions: disgruntled employee, accidental click on a phishing scam or malicious attacks from the outside. You can have the strongest defenses and block thousands of attacks, but it only takes one getting through to cause a breach.


This is why businesses need to focus more on building cyber resilience across their business ecosystem.

Navigating the Complexity

CyberCompass brings together the expertise and automation to quickly build a holistic cybersecurity, compliance and privacy program at 1/3 the cost of a full time employee. We are NOT another technology solution. We work quickly to help your clients

    • assess their vulnerabilities across their business
    • create a risk management plan to build cyber resilience
    • update and create policies and procedures that are inline with their governing regulation
    • create strategic plans to proactively prepare for disruption
    • become audit ready

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What is Cyber Resilience?

Cyber Resilience forces a shift in thinking. True cyber resilience will create a competitive advantage as businesses look to build proactive strategies to survive and thrive.

Proactive vs. Reactive

An effective cybersecurity and compliance program proactively anticipates and goes on the offense. IT and security teams have more time to focus on strategic activities that support the detection and mitigation of potential threats, instead of putting out fires.

Accelerates vs. Hinders Business Performance

Cybersecurity and compliance should focus on enabling the operations to achieve business objectives. Security that is in-your-face or over-the-top can generate obstacles, especially if it gets in the way of employees as they try to do their jobs.

Prepared vs. Negligence

Being prepared means a strong understanding of the risks or threats, how they will be addressed, and how they can be avoided. Knowing your cyber risk will help navigate uncertainty. Cyber risk management empowers you to absorb a breach without your business losing its reputation, resources, and suffering a significant, devastating financial loss.

Advance vs. Repeat

For your business to scale, you need your cybersecurity and compliance efforts focused on solving the problem once and then move along.  Your business can then focus on high-value work rather than fixing the same issue over and over.

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Learn more about how CyberCompass has helped companies just like you!

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